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So Lucky! We can stay in Singapore!

I am Loge. We couple came to Singapore, so lucky to find a job and stay with iDealHome.

I am s home maker. But I love free style life. I love fashion, especially clothing, footwear, accessories, make up, and body. As long as it is the prevailing style activity, then it is my hobby.

I am good at analyzing relevant information, creating a plan to achieve goals, and learning from previous mistakes. Meanwhile, I'd like to update the objective things.

My expected home is the nature place with good surroundings atmosphere. It should be good place to stay happily.

My 1st impression about iDealHome is this is the company which has most comfortable room near MRT. The house manager is very responsible, viewing room every week. They are perfect and accurately check out monthly rental details.

I like to stay with iDealHome. It has good management and team work. For everything, they will give extra prior updates. And the benefits is also excellent. Thank you, iDealHome

There is an small interesting thing between iDealHome and me. Our 5 months agreement got completed, and we got advance payment (formalities completed 99%), so we are planning to leave Singapore and move home town. Suddenly we got project conformation and we renewed the renting at that day. That day is very impressive for me and husband. It is a lucky house. It's good memory on my life.

In my opinion, iDealHome cleansing service is excellent, maintenance service is excellent as well. Absolutely, I believe iDealHome is good house management company!

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