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A short story between me and iDealHome

I'm Soma from India. Now I am a professional research fellow.

My hobbies are reading books, watching movies, playing chess, and research. Whenever I am doing the things I like, then I will feel so happy.

I am the person with self confident. I hope everyone could have their own private room. So I prefer my next housemate could the person who cares more about privacy and independence.

Of course, I like to stay with iDealHome. He is the most trusted agent in Singapore.

Tell us a short story between us. First and foremost I should say thanks to James, who is one of the agent of the ideal home. When I came to Singapore, I was desperately searching for the room, Coincidentally one of my colleagues was also in search of the room with the help of James, and she got the nice room. Later she suggested and introduced me this agent is a good person, and no agent fee, trusted the person. And then I also got the nice room because of James, Thank you I deal home. it's been 20 days since I stayed here, No problem I have faced. In last 20 days, I have given three complaints and house manager solved the problem very next day. Thank you once again.

To conclude, I will say the cleansing service is excellent, maintenance service is excellent, and I believe iDealHome is an excellent company.

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