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Speak Out Your Story!


Thank You for staying with iDealHome all the way. We invite you to share your lovely story and tell us how iDealHome is making a difference in your life, that of a loved one or someone you know.


Active Time: 1 Apr - 14 Apr 2016 ( Expired)




It is easy to make a story submission. Just complete the Story Form, all stories are appreciated and Welcomed!



After submitting your story, we will review it. Don't worry your story isn't writeen perfelty. We just want to hear your voice! Your Story will appear here on But your photo and contact information (email & phone no) will not be displayed. So just speak out!



Once the story is accepcted, then win $10 rental discount for current month! Moreover, there are more rewards for wonderful stories!

      First Prize: Free 5 days Stay (Worth $2000/M) + $50 Rental Voucher    -    Qty: 1 

Second Prize: Free 3 days Stay (Worth $1500/M)    -    Qty: 3

     Third Prize: $50 Rental Voucher     -    Qty: 10


Terms and Condition:

1. Once Submitted, it means the author agrees to share the story.

2. In order to protect your privacy, we will create a cartoon character.

3. One room only can get one voucher.

4. iDealHome reserves the right of final interpretation.

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