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Persevere and you'll succeed

Hi, I am a teacher working in Singapore. I am one of the iDealHome group.

My hobby is riding a bicycle. In my free time, I like to ride a bicycle along east coast park. Evening rides does makes me feel energetic and prepare me for the next day and thus make your life feel with passion.

I am confident and never give up. I am task-oriented. if I decide to do one thing, then I will try my best to make it.

I feel this website is too simple. I hope it can provide us more questions and answers for potential consumers who at first glance read the website.

Actually I will not ask too much for new housemate. If they are loves clean and friendly, then it is quite good.

Staff in ideal home is friendly and willing to assist if there is any form of request are made. Vic (the agent) and Xiao Hui (house manager) always go the extra mile providing tip top service to tenant.

I like this house, It is a spacious, comfortable and nice environment indeed.

If I can give score for this house, I would say the cleansing service and maintenance service here are excellent, So I believe iDealHome is an excellent house management company.

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