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Tenants Staying In Here Very Cooperative Like a Family

Hi, I'm Vinder. Now I am Serving for SMRT. I like to live in Singapore.

Gardening and housekeeping is my hobby. I derive great pleasure from this hobby. At times I do cleaning of this present unit. If I find the kitchen area very messy or trash bin plastic hanging, I will dispose them out. The kitchen floor has been washed. And I clean my bathroom daily to keep the maintenance of it, for hygiene purpose and healthy lifestyle.

I paramount importance to safety, cleanness and security. I care more on security. The main door must be locked all the times. Presently for Jalan Angin Laut, it is difficult to unlock and lock the main door. I hope this issue can be resolved.

In the future, I hope my next housemate could be the person who is hygienic and well organized to keep up the environment clean and tidy. Especially the kitchen stuff can be cleared up, the stove can be well maintained, and the utensils should be washed and kept away from basin area. And I hope the trash bin can be disposed daily to prevent the insects.

The 1st impression Ideal Home give me is that he is well established and it has so many units in various places in Singapore. I like to stay with Ideal Home, and definitely it is perfect meet to my daily needs.

Tenants staying here are very cooperative like a family. Environment is almost very quiet and peaceful. Especially for me been staying in landed property on my own in Malaysia, I'm feeling it as my own home, it is blessing of staying here.

If let me give a score for Ideal Home, I will say cleaning service is good, maintenance service is good as well, as a whole, I will give Ideal Home a excellence performance assessment.

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