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iDeal Home Is A Place To Stay In Peace

Hi, I'm Honey. I was born and grew up in India. Now I am engaged in education field in Singapore. During free time, I'd like to read books and listen to music. The thing that I'm proud of in my life is my dear family, they always be my strength.

In Singapore, I rent a room under one large property management company, the name of which is Ideal Home. When I first meet him, he gives me a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to stay down. There is a good support system available. I like to stay with Ideal Home. It’s always a place to stay in peace.

Every morning, I wake up to the sweet sounds of cuckoo bird. When I open my window, I look forward to seeing the green trees. My neighbors are always friendly and helpful.

Further stay with Ideal Home, I hope my future housemate is the person who loves clean. Then we can together maintain a nice home to stay down.

If you want me to evaluate service provide by Ideal Home, I will give excellent for the cleaning service, good for maintenance service, but for the whole comment I will still give Excellent.

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