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Life in this world is only once hence every activity of mine big or small is my hobby. Whether its my office work or helping my wife with household core or playing tennis, I do it with passion.

Preferred Housemate:

In order to stay together as neighbours roommate should be understanding and cooperative. They should also help each other when needed.

What is your 1st impression about iDealHome?

I was surprise and happy when iDealHome agent informed me that there is no agent fee, which is a big relief to anybody looking for a house for rent in Singapore.

Do you like to Stay with iDealHome?

Yes, The supervisors of iDeal home are great. During my tenancy I met Lewis and Raja, both are very helpful and supportive. They resolve issue with prompt response.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Cleansing Service:


Maintenance Service:


As A Whole:


My most impressive memory with iDealHome:

The best thing about this house which I would cherish is its locality and the front view is amazing. I feel safe and comfortable in this apartment.

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