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Nick Name:




Occupation field:

Train Captain

What is your hobby:

Gardening n house keeping. 
At times i do cleaning of this present unit, if i find the kitchen area very messy, trash bin plastic bags hanging , dispose out..
Kitchen flooring been washed, ,,but my bathroom daily been maintain n i does the cleaning of it by my own daily, ,,,for hygiene purpose n healthy lifestyle.

What is your greatest strength?

I paramount importance to safety, cleanness, security. ...touching on security. ..The main door must be locked all times. Presently for unit in jln angin laut facing the lock problem, ,,difficulties in unlock n lock the main door, pls look into this matter if possible .otherwise all okie

Preferred Housemate:

Hygienic, well organised to up keep the enviromrnt clean, tidy, ,,,,especially the kitchen stuff the stove well maintain n utensils been washed n kept away from basin area n trash bin been dispose daily to prevent insects .

What is your 1st impression about iDealHome:

Well,established, many units in various places in spore

Do you like to Stay with iDealHome, :

Yes. definitely n it's perfect to my daily needs

My most impressive memory with iDealHome:

Tenants staying in here very cooperative like a family. 
Environment almost very quiet, peaceful. Especially fir me been staying in landed property on my own in msia , im feeling it as my own home. It's a blessing of staying here

Comprehensive Evaluation

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As A Whole:


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