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Nick Name:




Occupation field:

Home Maker

What is your greatest Strength:

1.Analyze the relevant information 
2.Create a plan to achieve goals
3.Learn from previous mistakes
4. New updates about objectives things .

What is your hobby?

I like a Fashion (especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body). It is the prevailing style behaviour. It's my hobby.

Preferred Living Environment:

I will prefer main thing windows and nature place very good surroundings atmosphere and good to happy stay

What is your 1st impression about iDealHome:

one of the most comfort room and near by mrt 
managers are viewing every week 
Perfect and accuracy checkout monthly rented details

Do you like to Stay with iDealHome, :

yes , good management and team work 
For every thing prior updates extra other benefits also excellent.
Thanking You .
Ideal Home group 

My most impressive memory with iDealHome:

Lucky house - Just 5 months back agreement got completed ,we got advance payment ( formalities completed 99 % ) so we are planning to move home town suddenly we got project conformation we are renewed on that day it self it very impressive for me and husband it s good memory on my life .

Comprehensive Evaluation

Cleansing Service:


Maintenance Service:


As A Whole:


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