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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. It’s the rental price negotiable?
Rent out price must not less than $50 from the company asking price. Strictly not allowed sales price lower than $70.

2. How many person can stay in one room?
Number of occupancy will show in our company website according to room, strictly refer to company requirement.

3. Who should I contact if I want to bring my friend for viewing?
Contact office 62454647 for room viewing.

4. What thing need to pay if the tenant I introduce confirm want to rent the room?
Security deposit need to pay to confirm a room, security deposit equals to one month rental.

5. How many day can I reserves the room for my tenants?
The room could be reserved for three (3) calendar days upon received at least $300 of partial security deposit, sales will NOT be recognized as successful UNLESS the remaining balance of the security deposit FULLY collected within three (3) calendar days.

6. How to do if tenant want to pay for deposit?
Any cash or cheque pay by tenant for rental deposit/utilities deposit/rental purpose must pass to company or company representor immediately, otherwise sales will not be recognized.

7. Can I still received reward if the tenant I bring in renew his/ her contract?
Yes, you can still receive your reward as long as the tenant you bring in pay for rental.

8. Rental of the Tenant I bring in is $1500, in case one of the month his/ her only managed to paid $1300, can I get my reward of that month?
Yes, you still can get your reward, but is not based on $1500, is based on how much his/ her paid.

9. When can I received my reward if I success to rent out a room?
You can received your reward during 8th-14th every month, based on monthly basis.

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