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Nick Name:




Occupation field:

Home maker

What is your hobby:

My hobby is cooking. I have learnt cooking after marriage and try to make everyday extraordinary with my cooking by trying different cuisines


I am confident and an independent person

Preferred roommate:

Not applicable.. since I am living with husban

What is your 1st impression about iDealHome?

The first impression was cleanliness which striked about ideal home

Do you like to Stay with iDealHome?

Yes ideally I would like to stay with ideal home since it provides all the comfort,extraordinary service and support to our lives with exemplary commitment towards solving all the problems

My most impressive memory with iDealHome:

When i landed singapore,the city and this place was new to me. There were initial hiccups since there were language barrier and this was the first ever experience for me to live in a shared accommodation.But when the stay started here,I always felt being at my home.There was a key issue raised by us where we were having concern with other room mates who were using kitchen sink for brushing and spitting and throwing litter on the floor.Seeing this we felt uncomfortable because we had a typical indian and conservative mindset.Although we were little hesistant in telling this concern to other house members.So we thought to share the concern with house manager and they listened to our problem and provided a solution diligently by sending message to all house members and by sticking a print out in the kitchen area mentioning do's and dont's.They have always impressed us with their consistency be it in maintenance,cleaning or in service.Their quick response with ever smiling face and wonderful capability to listen to our needs and problems always helped us to have a wonderful stay.And top of it they share a great rapport with my two year old son.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Cleansing Service:


Maintenance Service:


As A Whole:


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