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Nick Name:




Occupation field:


What is your hobby:

Play the online game. I like the electronic sports, the game make me feel so exciting because I need use my fast hands skill to control the computer and win the game cleverly.

What is your greastest strength:

I am a foodie, I like to search many delicious food store in Singapore and share to my friends.

Preferred Housemate:

The most important is clean. I don't like to stay with the person who is always keep the rubbish in the common area more than 12 hours. It will attract the ants and cockroach very quickly as Singapore is the tropical country.

What is your 1st impression about iDealHome:

The iDealHome has a lot of the rooms in whole Singapore.

Do you like to Stay with iDealHome :

Of course that I like to stay with iDealHome. The house manager does not disturb my life frequently. However, she can help me to order any small maintenance when I contact her. And iDealHome provide the free high speed wifi that is very nice.

My most impressive memory with iDealHome:

Once my light was not working then I contacted the house manager around 4pm. At10pm, I was back and my light was working already. I like the fast response from house manager that make me feel more reliable.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Cleansing Service:


Maintenance Service:


As A Whole:


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